Turkish dishes

Turkish dishes are one of the most famous cuisine in the world and has historic and cultural features. Influenced by other regions like Europe and Middle Eastern region.

Turkish breakfast

Classic Turkish breakfast at a restaurant in Izmir

Turkish breakfast

Classic Turkish breakfast at a hotel in Adana

Turkish breakfast

Classic Turkish breakfast at a hotel in Hatay

Fish sandwich

Street food, sold in the Eminönü area

Lokanta food

You can costumize your favorite dishes

Bulgur pilaf

Bulgur, nutty Middle Eastern wheat berries grain, with some ingredients


Soup made with chickpeas and small mince dumplings

Simit Kebab

Kebab consisted of minced meat and bulgur

Içli köfte

Baked oval bulgur balls with ground meat and walnut filling

Sultan Ahmet köfte

As it is named, this one is found near Sultan Ahmet mosque


Beverage made of yogurt, water and salt

Adana Kebab

Long and hand-minced kebab. This dish of this picture was had in a restaurant in Istanbul

Middle Eastern feast

Middle Eastern homemade dishes

Kumpir (loaded potato)

Roasted potato in which many kinds of ingredients(corns, olives, mayo and so on) are stuffed


A pie wraps meats, cheese, spinach and potato


Grilled lamb intestines, wrapped by bread

Beyran and et kavurma

Traditional Turkish soup with rendered lamb fat, and roasted beaf


Bayran with less spices

Adana kebab and ciger shis

Typical Adana kebab, which was had at a street restaurant in Adana


Sliced döner kebab with hot tomato sauce

Karisik kebab

Mixed kebab. Many kinds of meats and kebabs are included


A dish looking like pizza, in which there’s meats, spinach or cheese

Chicken pilaf

Simple street food, made of rice and chicken


There’s cheese inside this börek

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