Mardin is a city near the syrian border, which is why, there are many buildings remaining associnated to christianity: The ancient syrians were christians.

Old houses in Midyat

Midyet is a historical city in Mardin prefecture. These old house were build in the ancient time.

Midyet guest house

One of the buildings in the old district in Midyat

View of the city of Midyet

The color of all these old buildings built in the ancient time are white.

Monastery of Saint Gabriel

the oldest Syriac orthodox monastery remaining

Nallow alley

These nallow alleys between houses make the way complicated.

Horse riding

A guy and his horse walking on the nallow alley of the city

Mardin castle

A historical castle build on the mount above the city

“The green sea”

This is a view from Kasimiye Madrasa. You can see this beautiful scenery; The land looks like sea.

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